Aberdeen Country Club

Aberdeen Country Club

Location 701 Bucks Trail
Longs, SC 29568
Rating 4.1 Stars

Aberdeen Country Club Golf Course is a 27-hole Scottish links-style course. With par 36 on each nine, Aberdeen offers a combination of challenges to choose from, such as water hazards on 23 of the 27 holes. During peak season, this Myrtle Beach golf course keeps all three courses open.

Designed around the Aberdeen community by architect Tom Jackson, the three beautiful linked courses hug the Waccamaw riverfront preserve with only a minimal number of home sites in view, allowing players to enjoy the feel of classic golf in the Scottish tradition.

In keeping with a traditional Scottish links-style course, there are not as many trees outlining the courses as is usual on American golf courses. Instead, golfers have to deal with more bunkers and water hazards. Rolling hills along the side of the fairways and around the greens add to the beauty of Aberdeen’s courses. The nature preserve sports an abundance of wildlife, including turkeys, nesting osprey, bald eagles, and alligators.

  1. Brandon 06/24/2020

    Beautiful course, challenging holes and great staff

  2. Bill 02/10/2020

    Enjoyed the layout, friendly staff

  3. Mitch 12/28/2019

    Always a pleasure playing at Aberdeen.

  4. John 12/10/2019

    The greens were wonderful. Putting was tricky, there were little breaks and speed was important. Loved that part. Every hole had challenges that made the day very interesting.

  5. Matt 11/28/2019


  6. Brad 10/19/2019

    Really nice course

  7. Ken 10/14/2019

    Enjoyed the course.

  8. Vince 09/30/2019

    Great course, great value, very helpful people.

  9. Josh 09/26/2019

    Beautiful course and well-maintained. Keep ball out of rough because ball can disappear in rough just off the fairway.

  10. Don 09/23/2019

    Very nice