2024 Summer Individual Match Play Championship

2024 Summer Individual Match Play Rules
First of all, thank you to all of our players and remember this is a FUN EVENT!
This will be a FUN EVENT! Please don’t take it too seriously or get carried away with the rules.

  • Summer Match Play open to all current Honors Club and Prime Time Cardholders.
  • You will play from the tees you normally play from.
  • Players will mutually decide on which course they will play their match.
  • Designate one person to arrange the tee time. You can make your tee times online through the Honors website only if you book under your normal cardholder booking windows.
  • For this event only you can also contact us at matchplay@foundersgolf.com to make tee times 7 days in advance. We will try to get you a tee time as close to your preferred time as we can.
  • Single elimination Match Play format will apply.
  • You must have a handicap in the GHIN system to participate. You will use your handicap as it is displayed on the day you play.
  • Use the handicap calculator provided on the GHIN website or the GHIN App to determine the stroke allotment for the match. (It will “stroke off the low handicap.”)
  • If both players agree to roll it in the fairway that is permissible.
  • Whichever player has the honor tees off first; this sometimes gets awkward when one player is playing a different set of tees.
  • All putts conceded are good. If the player putts and misses after the putt has been conceded the putt is still good.
  • The final eight players will split the pot of prize money.
  • The winner will get the grand prize – an Honors Club upgrade and an Honors Club Match Play trophy.
  • One more time. Remember this is a FUN EVENT! Please don’t take it too seriously. If you have any rules questions consult your local golf professional.

Email questions to: MATCHPLAY@foundersgolf.com