Love of the Game Challenge Winner!

A special message from Membership Coordinator Jeff Fribance announcing our Love of the Game Challenge Winner Stan Lewis!

Rates & Points Structure

Points Structure Recap

Earning Points
You will now earn 10 points per dollar paid all day no matter what time you play. See chart above for examples.

Redeeming Points
Prime Times Cardholders will redeem free rounds under our “5th round free” model at all 21 Founders Collection Courses. The 5th round free redemption value will be based off the rate at that time. See chart above for rates and points needed for rounds through November 30, 2023.

Earning Points for Retail Purchases
We are excited to announce that you will now earn points for retail purchases as part of the new program. For every retail dollar you spend in the golf shop, you will have one point added to your account. Points will not be awarded for gift card purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:           Will I lose points if I have over 10,000 points?
A:           No – you will not lose points in the conversion. There are not maximum or point limits in the conversion.  

Q:           Will anything change when I check in at the Golf Shops?
A:           Nothing will change at check in. As of March 1st, the computer system will automatically award 10 points per dollar that you pay for your golf round. (You will not get points on the taxes you pay.)

Q:           How will I get points awarded when I make a retail purchase?
A:           The Golf Shop staff will scan your key tag to attach your name to the sale. The computer system will automatically award 1 point per dollar that you spend on retail purchases.

Q:           How will I know how many points I need to redeem for a free round at the golf course I am playing?
A:           Points redemptions will be based on the current rate of the golf course you are playing. Wherever current rates are posted, the number of points needed for a free round will also be provided – see above. Golf Shop staff will be able to provide that information also. (If you want to figure it out yourself, it will always be the equivalent of the 5th round free.

Special Upcoming Dinners & Events at Founders Collection Courses

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Prime Rib Buffet – October 17th

Wild Wing Golf Club (843.234.6347) – Prime Rib Night – October 18th

Litchfield Country Club (843.237.3411 ext 5) – Chicken Marsala – October 20th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Italian Night Buffet – October 24th

Wild Wing Golf Club (843.234.6347) – Fish Fry Night – October 25th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Ladies Night Out – October 25th

Litchfield Country Club (843.237.3411 ext 5) – Country Fried Steak – October 27th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Halloween Spooktacular BBQ – October 31st

Burning Ridge Golf Club (843.347.0538) – Bingo Night – November 3rd

Burning Ridge Golf Club (843.347.0538) – Chili Cook Off & Happy Hour – November 10th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Wine Tasting – November 14th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Brisket Dinner – November 15th

Burning Ridge Golf Club (843.347.0538) – Trivia Night & Happy Hour– November 17th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Taco Night – November 17th

Pine Lakes (843.315.7718) – Thanksgiving Buffet – November 23rd

Litchfield Country Club (843.237.3411 ext 6) – Thanksgiving Dinner – November 23rd

Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club (843.237.6041) – Thanksgiving Dinner – November 23rd

Click Here to Visit the Events section for complete details.