Member News & Updates – Introducing Park and Play

Thank you for your support of Founders Group during this unprecedented time. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been working hard to find innovative ways for our customers to check in as safely as possible. 
With that in mind, we are launching a Park and Play program! The new initiative, which is free to participate in, will allow our Prime Times Cardholders to pay and check in for their round of golf without having to go into the clubhouse. We are excited to roll this program out.
Park and Play members will store a credit card on our secure platform and it will allow for “touch free” check in whenever you play golf, avoiding any lines or having to go inside.
We are excited to be the first in the market to offer this program! To enroll in the program CLICK HERE!


Park and Play FAQ’s

  1. My credit card is not saved at the golf course, but I added it online.
    • You will need to log back into and return to the payment methods page. From the payment methods page you will need to individually “grant access” to all courses you wish to use the program with using the blue grant access button beside your credit card information.
  1. Will I still receive Prime Times points when using Park and Play?
    • You will automatically receive points for the golf course you are playing when using Park and Play.
  1. How do I use Park and Play if I play in a large group?
    • Your group can book as normal and you will still be able to use Park and Play. All you need to do is let the bag drop/starter know you are using park and play as well as the group name, your full name, and key tag number.
  1. Can I pay for multiple people using Park and Play?
    • You can pay for as many people as you like using park and play. You will need to let the bag drop/starter know the group name, your full name, and the number of people you wish to pay for. If the customer you wish to pay for is an Prime Times Cardholder, you will need to give their key tag number as well as their full name.
  1. Can I use Prime Times points to cash in a free round with Park and Play?
    • You will temporarily need to enter the golf shop in order to cash in points for a free round. We are working on way to ensure the process of using Prime Times points is simple and easy for both customer and staff.
  1. I have signed up to start Park and Play and have not received an activation email.
  1. I do not see Founders Courses listed on the website to book rounds of golf.
    • The website is not used as a booking engine for Founders Golf. Please book using the Prime Times website or call to book all rounds.