SouthCreek at Myrtle Beach National

SouthCreek at Myrtle Beach National

Location 4900 National Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Rating 4.4 Stars

SouthCreek is an Arnold Palmer signature design and the favorite among its members. With just 6,400 yards from the back tees, this course challenges golfers to focus on accuracy not distance with each shot. Finesse is required by every golfer with its guarded MiniVerde Ultradwarf greens and protected waste areas, as it winds through wetlands and hardwood forests. A distinctly different design than Myrtle Beach National’s other two courses, South Creek provides its own unique round of golf. In 2004, this spectacular blend of national and man-made challenges was voted among the “Top 100 in America” by Golf for Women.

  1. David 03/18/2020

    Nice course

  2. Robert 03/16/2020

    Excellent condition. Pace of play was great, completed round in 4 hours. Greens fast and true. Will definitely play again.

  3. Richard 03/14/2020

    Fun and narrow course, made even narrower because of the houses. Great condition

  4. Robby 03/10/2020

    Lovely course!! Friendly if you have a slight miss hit into the pine needles, but punishing if youre in those woods, or someones backyard! Fun course.

  5. Michael 01/28/2020

    Nice course - not long but enough variety to keep it interesting. Easy enough for my wife to enjoy as well.

  6. Paul 10/18/2019

    Nice, great shape

  7. Terry 10/10/2019

    least liked of all 5 courses played last week

  8. Daryl 10/08/2019

    Excellent condition. A mix of challenging holes. Good price for this course.

  9. Tom 09/23/2019

    Beautiful and fun course in great condition.

  10. Chandlir 08/30/2019

    Great shorter golf course. Tighter off the tee, takes driver out of the bag for the most part. A lot of doglegs.